• From 0.5mm to 2,450mm for most thermoplastics & rubber parts
  • From 1.0mm to… as big as necessary – thanks to our proprietary OSIS® technique for bonding parts in TPU.
  • For very large fully moulded rubber seals (up to 6,500mm dia. and 90kg each for some!) Repack-S has partnered with a specialist rubber moulder.

From One to Thousands of Seals:

Should you contact us if you need only ONE part?…Yes!
Should you contact us if you need a few thousand?…Yes!

For larger quantities, you may find there are more economic alternatives but you should not expect the same level of precision, surface finish and attention to detail, combined with typically short lead times, that you’ll find with Repack-S.
For some rubber-moulded parts made to our exacting specifications, we machine, laser-weld, silicone-fill, assemble and even 100% test (if necessary) – all in-house. We can also heat-treat some parts to achieve the desired final mechanical properties and dimensional stability.

Effective Seal Stock Management

Need to reduce the cost of holding stocks of individual parts and the time needed to assemble them?
We regularly engineer, manufacture and assemble cartridges containing self-lubricated segments, scrapers, wipers, spring-energised seals as well as static O-rings. Assembly of such cartridges into our customer equipment can be done in next to no time! For more information, please contact the Repack-S customer support team.