In our temperature-controlled facilities, we meticulously design, engineer, precision machine and assemble composite seals and bearings. Some are tiny (< Ø0.2mm), while others are huge (> Ø2m). All are made from premium advanced engineering polymers and the finest metal alloys!

Short Lead Times:

We keep a substantial inventory of ready-to-be-machined slabs, robs and billets of fluoropolymers, UHMW-PE, PU, TPU, PA, POM, PPS and various elastomer compounds (from NBR to FFKM). So if you are looking for short lead times, exceptional durability and good dimensional stability: Repack-S is the company to contact!

Repack-S, PME française spécialisée dans l'étanchéité et composée de bureaux et d'un site de production employant plus d'une trentaine de personnes en Bourgogne.

Typical sealing applications include:

Turbomachinery, high-speed food and beverage packaging lines, valves, actuators of all kinds, bespoke hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and dampers, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing equipment, hydropower and racing cars.

No Compromise Quality:

All our painstaking attention to detail and precision manufacture would be to no avail if we did not have stringent requirements on quality, certification and traceability for the materials we source from carefully selected suppliers… Fortunately, we do!

Repack-S fabricant français de solutions d'étanchéité et de guidage sur-mesure pour répondre aux exigences les plus strictes de l'industrie